recent Argo float profiles in the tropics

These plots are made possible by argopy, a Python library that aims to ease Argo float data access, visualization, and manipulation for regular users as well as Argo experts and operators. I convert depth from decibars to meters via gsw-python. Profile data are available in sufficiently deep water (≥2000 m).

individual TCs and disturbances

NOTE: these plots are generated on demand. For a named TC, they usually correspond with the 15 UTC advisory.

AL10 Hermine AL09 Ian AL08 Gaston AL07 Fiona AL06 Earl AL05 Danielle AL90 Invest (September) AL99 Invest (September) AL98 Invest (September) AL91 Invest (August) AL99 Invest (August)

(page last updated 27 September 2022)