recent Argo float profiles in the tropics

These plots are made possible by argopy, a Python library that aims to ease Argo float data access, visualization, and manipulation for regular users as well as Argo experts and operators. I convert depth from decibars to meters via gsw-python. Profile data are available in sufficiently deep water (≥2000 m). Click an image for the larger version.

Current regional maps: North Atlantic MDR (60-20°W), Gulf of Mexico, and Caribbean Sea. Maps show the previous day's RTG SST product + recent Argo floats and should be automatically updated once per day around 9am CDT.

individual TCs

NOTE: these plots are generated on demand, usually for a TC's 15 UTC advisory.

EP16 Pamela AL20 Victor AL18 Sam AL14 Nicholas AL12 Larry AL09 Ida AL08 Henri AL07 Grace AL06 Fred AL05 Elsa

tropical Atlantic

Gulf of Mexico

Caribbean Sea

(page last updated 03 Nov 2021)