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This page hosts links and resources for undergraduate students currently in or considering a switch to a Geosciences meteorology major. In the Department of Geosciences, you and your advisor discuss the ideal list of courses based on your progress; your advisor does NOT need to know the times of each course unless there is a schedule conflict between courses you need to take.

Your advisor is responsible for releasing you to register for an upcoming semester. To be released, you must agree to a list of courses that you have discussed with your advisor to help you stay on track toward graduation. If Dr. Wood is your academic advisor, that discussion can be conducted in person or via email.

Students with a major in the Department of Geosciences can also contact our academic coordinator, Tina Davis. Learn more about our fantastic academic coordinator here!

University-level information:
Spring 2023 university syllabus
Advising FAQ pages from the University Academic Advising Center (UAAC)

MSU academic calendars:
Spring 2023
Fall 2023
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Department- and college-level information:
Sample 4-year schedules for concentrations in meteorology (scroll to the "Sample Curriculum" section)
Undergraduate catalog for the College of Arts & Sciences (lists qualifying courses for general electives)

Steps for a successful advising meeting (or email exchange)
  1. Check your CAPP report via Banner for your officially documented progress toward completing your degree. Also make note of any courses you're currently taking.
  2. Compare that progress against the idealized 4-year schedule for your degree.
  3. For advising that takes place during the fall semester, evaluate whether you're interested in taking courses during Winter Intersession (limited offerings, mainly gen-ed courses).
  4. Based on the results of steps 1-3, draft a list of courses you expect to take in the upcoming semester (plus Winter Intersession, if applicable).
  5. Share this list with Dr. Wood when discussing your upcoming semester.

Useful forms for undergraduate students

IMPORTANT: On-campus Starkville students are "Campus 1" students. If you wish to enroll in a "Campus 5" (Distance Education) course, your costs increase, and you must receive an override from Tina Davis. Dr. Wood cannot provide this or any other overrides. (Faculty advisors rarely have higher-level administrative privileges!)

(page last updated 31 March 2023)